Okapu & other short stories.

Weave With Okapu

Weave With Okapu
In April 2022 we held our first pilot weaving experience at Purple Thrills, Karen Nairobi. Okapu weavers travelled from their village in Mwingi to offer a fun and immersive kyondo weaving 'class' . This event was held in an open and serene space and was attended by enthusiasts of weaving and indigenous arts who had  an opportunity to learn about the traditional art of weaving, share their experiences, and create beautiful pieces of art using sisal fibres.

3 reasons why Okapu is the perfect gift

3 reasons why Okapu is the perfect gift
You have sent us pictures of your moms, sisters, lovers and friends receiving their packages with excitement and carrying their Okapu gifts with self-adoration.
 But what really makes Okapu the perfect gift?
  1. It is handmade with love
  2. It’s an empowering statement piece
  3. It identifies you with the culture 

Birthdays, Graduation, Mother’s Day, Valentines, Showers or to just for appreciation sakes, Okapu is here for you. Be sure to let us know if you would like to add a customised note to your gift. Remember, true giving already shows adoration, Okapu seals the deal.

How it began...

How it began... - Okapu
The genesis of Okapu is a telltale of friendship, the zest for exploration, and a good sense of style.