3 reasons why Okapu is the perfect gift

 ‘They loved it. Thank you`
We look forward to receiving this message every time someone gifts an Okapu to someone they love, or are trying to impress. Let’s be real. Okapu is (as a matter of feedback) an impressive work of design.
We have heard it before, it's the thought that counts. Receiving a gift is one of the most joyful experiences, especially if the gift  is on your wish list and speaks to who you are.
You have sent us pictures of your moms, sisters, lovers and friends receiving their packages with excitement and carrying their Okapu gifts with self-adoration.
    But what really makes Okapu the perfect gift?

1. It is handmade with love

Eating out is great but there is something more nourishing about a home cooked meal. You can almost taste the food in your soul. It does something more than just taste good. This is the same feeling you experience when you own handmade. They are just not items, they are carriers of the creator’s nourishing soul. You can almost feel it in your aura.

beautiful african girl recieving okapu as a gift

2. It’s an empowering statement piece

A statement piece tells the world you're someone who knows how to dress. It's about being confident and owning your style, so when you wear Okapu , they will know that you're not just another random. They'll know that you've got  and a great eye for the good things in life.
beautiful girls enjoying their Okapu bags because Okapu is the best gift for girls with personal style

                       3. In with the culture 

The best way to show your love for Africa is to wear made in Africa clothes and accessories. Fashion being a language of identity, many use it to express their connection with the motherland more so when they are overseas. Okapu has been especially appreciated as a great farewell gift for loved ones headed abroad.
african lady enjoying her morning in paris alongside her Okapu giftafrican girls in germany carrying their Okapu bags
Birthdays, Graduation, Mother’s Day, Valentines, Showers or to just appreciate them, Okapu is here for you. Be sure to let us know if you would like to add a customised note to your gift. Remember, true giving already shows adoration, Okapu seals the deal.

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