Weave With Okapu

In April 2022 we held our first pilot weaving experience at Purple Thrills, Karen Nairobi. Okapu weavers travelled from their home in Mwingi to offer a fun and immersive kyondo weaving 'class' . It was held in an open and serene space and was attended by enthusiasts of weaving and indigenous crafts who had an opportunity to learn about the traditional craftt of weaving, share their experiences, and create beautiful pieces of art.

 weave with okapu

The first edition, mats and colors, was focused on the basics of kyondo weaving. The attendees wove a mat and learned how colors are applied to sisal fibres. Since the event was one-on-one guests streamed in at different times in afternoon and all left with a skill in hand.

guest learning how to weave a kyondo at the weave with okapu event


The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, as people mingled, shared stories, and helped with each other's work. We also had  food and drinks on sale and musical performances from Bananasoverdose and Lady Hash creating the most uplifting weaving experience.

    weave with Okapu

    Lady Hash at Weave with Okapu event


We were so impressed with how creative everyone got with dyeing their mats - with the different and unique ways everyone experimented with the dye and came up with patterns and designs that we had not thought of before.

 colored mats made at the weave with okapu event

Towards the end of the event, everyone admired each other's work and shared their experiences. Many expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to learn and connect with people from different backgrounds. Everyone remarked how much more relaxed and stress-free they felt soon as they entered the event space. 


The event concluded at 6.30 pm and was overall a great success. It was a beautiful celebration of indigenous crafts and culture, and a powerful reminder of the importance of preserving these traditions for future generations. It was also a testament to the resilience and creativity of indigenous communities, who continue to adapt and innovate while honoring their heritage.

We hope to continue holding similar events in the future as we continue to promote the traditional craft of kyondo weaving in our community. The next Weave with Okapu event is on 24th September, 2023.


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